Sunday sooo mass in the morning. Grocery shopping; still no artichoke, they don’t stock it :[. Oh and the carrier bags costs 5p now. Ate lunch, did some cleaning [huzzah!], pilates, watched some of ‘Mr. Beans Holiday’ and ‘Australia’. I got the ‘Timeline’ thing now on Facebook, it looks confusing and cool at the same time :D

My schedule for tomorrow could’ve been hectic but my mother kept changing her mind so I had to cancel Bridgend because it was too much for me to cram it in lol. My friend didn’t/couldn’t? come today for that matter so it added for tomorrows ‘to see’ list haha. Hmm yeah, I’ll be going out all this week me thinks.┬áSkype.

Gonna cuddle my awktopus now for I have an impending headache. Toodles~

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